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Fire Pit Lid Cover 85 cm

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The Fire Pit Lid is a must to keep rainwater out of your fire pit as well as keeping the fine ash in, especially on windy nights. The lid also protects your fire pit and will prolong the lifespan.


  • Keeps hot embers and fine ash from blowing out and from causing a mess.
  • Handles for easy lifting.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What size lid do I choose for my fire pit?

We recommend this fire pits lid is suitable for fire pits with diameter up to 82cm.

Always select a lid that is at least 3 cm larger than the rim of your fire pit, this prevents any water from running under the lid and into the bowl.


  • Material:  Steel 3mm 
  • Colour:    Natural Rust: this is a natural process that occurs over time to form a protective layer.


  • Width : 85cm 
  • Weight : 14 kgs