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Serene Lucky Buddha Water Fountain


Introducing the Tranquil Buddha's Head Water Fountain: Enhance Your Garden Oasis with Serenity and Beauty

Create your own serene sanctuary right in your garden or patio with our exquisite Tranquil Buddha's Head Water Fountain. This stunning masterpiece combines aesthetic beauty with a touch of luck to transform your outdoor space into a peaceful haven.

Crafted with the utmost care, the Buddha's head is made from durable reinforced Fiberglass & Polyresin, ensuring longevity and resistance to the elements. Its intricate design captures the essence of tranquillity, making it a captivating focal point that will undoubtedly impress your guests.

But there's more to this fountain than meets the eye. The gentle flow of water cascading down the head creates a soothing ambience, allowing you to unwind and find solace amidst the chaos of everyday life. The self-contained base cleverly rotates the water back up and around, providing a continuous and mesmerizing display.

As the sun sets, prepare to be enchanted by the allure of our Buddha's Head Water Fountain. The built-in LED light situated at the top of the head illuminates the surrounding area, casting a gentle glow that adds a touch of magic and mystique to your garden. Revel in the ethereal beauty and let the enchanting atmosphere transport you to a world of peace and harmony.

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we have included everything you need to get started. With your purchase, you will receive a water pump, transformer, and electrical cable, ensuring a hassle-free setup. All you have to do is plug it into a wall socket, and your fountain will come to life, transforming your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis.

Dimensions: Measuring 50 x 50 x 75 cm in height, our Buddha's Head Water Fountain strikes the perfect balance between presence and subtlety. Its size allows it to become a captivating centrepiece while seamlessly blending into your garden or patio décor.

Shipping Dimensions: For your convenience, the fountain will be delivered in two boxes. The first box measures 43 x 43 x 67 cm and weighs 5 kg, while the second box measures 57 x 57 x 24 cm and also weighs 5 kg.

Total Weight: The combined weight of the two boxes is 10 kg, ensuring ease of handling during delivery and setup.

Embrace the opportunity to transform your garden or patio into a sanctuary of serenity with the Tranquil Buddha's Head Water Fountain. Don't miss out on this chance to add beauty, tranquillity, and a touch of luck to your outdoor space. Order now and experience the magic for yourself!