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Toulouse Urn & Base

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Color: Blue Bronze

Introducing our versatile and visually striking Large Cast Iron Urn, an exceptional piece that serves both as a planter and a classical garden decoration. This multipurpose urn offers a range of possibilities to elevate your outdoor space.

Here are the key selling points of our Large Cast Iron Urn:

  • Dual Functionality: This impressive urn can be utilized as a planter, allowing you to showcase your favourite flowers and plants with elegance. Additionally, it can be converted into a captivating water feature, transforming your garden into a serene oasis. For more details on converting it into a fountain.

  • Beautiful Color Options: Choose from two captivating color variations to suit your personal style and complement your garden aesthetics. The Blue Bronze option adds a touch of sophistication and serenity, while the Black option exudes timeless elegance and versatility.

  • Generous Size: The dimensions of the urn measure 106 x 106 x 66cm, providing a substantial presence that enhances the grandeur of any outdoor setting. The accompanying base measures 45 x 45 x 55cm, offering stability and an elevated display.

  • Premium Cast Iron Construction: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this urn is made from high-quality cast iron. Its sturdy and durable composition ensures long-lasting performance, withstanding the elements and maintaining its aesthetic appeal over time.

  • Easy Maintenance: We provide you with the necessary care instructions to keep your Large Cast Iron Urn looking pristine. The application of Penetrol, a liquid rust protectant, is recommended using a paintbrush. This process safeguards the urn against rust formation and should be repeated whenever rust appears or every six months (excluding the rust color variant).

Elevate your garden's charm and create a stunning focal point with our Large Cast Iron Urn. Embrace its versatility as a planter or a captivating water feature. Choose your preferred colour option, and let this exquisite piece become a timeless addition to your outdoor oasis. Order now and unlock the full potential of your garden decor.